[Update] Final Fantasy VI is cheaper than usual right now on iPad and iPhone

Not THAT cheap mind (Updated with other FF discounts)

[Update] Final Fantasy VI is cheaper than usual right now on iPad and iPhone
Updated on November 18th 2014 at 13:35: It's not just Final Fantasy VI that's on sale as of today. All of the Final Fantasy games that came before it are also on sale.

Here's a list of them all with their price changes, links to reviews, and their App Store pages:

Original story follows...

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Silver Award-winning classic JRPG Final Fantasy VI has had its price slashed by 30% on the App Store.

It's still pretty damn expensive though. Where yesterday it would have set you back £10.99 / $15.99, now you can grab it for £7.49 / $10.99. Bargainous.

The game is the last in the 'traditional' 2D Final Fantasy series, and is considered by many to be the peak of the franchise.

At review we called the game “a new port for a new generation,” adding that ”the majority of changes in Final Fantasy VI are welcome ones, and the captivating story of the original shines through all the same.”

So if you want to pay slightly less than you'd usually pay for that, now's your chance. Click the App Store link below to nab it.

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