The first batch of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles are being released later this month

Coming 28th July

The first batch of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles are being released later this month

Square Enix has announced it will be releasing the Pixel Remaster versions of Final Fantasy I, II and III later this month on 28th July. The games will be releasing for iOS and Android devices as well as on Steam.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters were announced at E3 last month as newly revitalised releases of the classic 2D Final Fantasy games. It’s intended to bring all the magic of those games back with quality-of-life updates that stay faithful to the original designs of the games.

What’s notable about these releases is that Square Enix is bringing back some of its original team to oversee development on these remasters. This includes original artist Kazuko Shibuya working on new 2D character sprites and background graphics that stay true to their original designs as well as composer Nobuo Uematsu bringing in beautifully rearranged soundtracks.

Meanwhile, the Pixel Remaster games will also include improved gameplay. This includes modernised UI, auto-battle options, and support for both controller and touch controls. It mostly looks fine if you ask me, though the text is a little small.

Square Enix is also including extra features into these games such as a bestiary for all enemies you encounter, an illustration gallery, music player, and the ability to save at any point.

Final Fantasy I, II and III will release on 28th July. Mobile store pages are not yet live but you can keep up with the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series by checking out the Steam bundle here.

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