These are the best players for every position in FIFA Mobile

These are the best players for every position in FIFA Mobile
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FIFA Mobile is out now, and with its emphasis on collecting and acquiring ever-better players to improve your mish-mash team, you'll be wanting to know who the true world stars are.

We thought a good way to demonstrate this would be to list the single best player for each position, essentially assembling a FIFA Mobile dream team of top players. You'll note that there are actually 14 players listed, owing to the variations in forward and midfield positions. Let's call those the subs then, eh?

Note that we're talking about regular players with the best overall ratings here. We're not talking about the limited edition item players, In Forms, or otherwise modified players who crop up on the market.

Think we've missed a better base player for any of the positions? It's quite possible, given the vagaries of the Market (not to mention the search function). If so, let us all know in the comments. Your fellow FIFA Mobile players will thank you for it.

Best FIFA Mobile players

ST & RF: Luis Suarez from Barcelona (88) CF: Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors (84) LF: Dybala from Juventus / Griezmann from Atletico Madrid (85) LW: Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid (90) RW: Lionel Messi from Barcelona (91) CAM: Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City (84) CDM: Sergio Busquets from Barcelona (83) LM: Eden Hazard from Chelsea / Maro Reus from Borussia Dortmund (85) RM: Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich (86) CM: Luka Modric from Real Madrid(85) CB: Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich (89) LB & LWB: David Alaba from Bayern Munich (83) RB & RWB: Philip Lahm from Bayern Munich (83/84) GK: Manuel Neuer from Bayern Munich (89)
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