FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is out right now for iOS and Android, but only in Canada

That's a soft launch Gary

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is out right now for iOS and Android, but only in Canada

Balls. Footballs to be precise. FIFA Ultimate Team 15 has just been soft launched in Canada for iOS and Android, bringing lots of kicking and card collecting to anyone in the frozen north who has a mobile device. Unless it's Windows Phone.

The game is just as slick as you'd expect from EA's flagship foot-to-ball franchise, and it's got some new simplified controls that make kicking that ball into the correct goal much easier.

These involve swipes, taps, and actually work really well once you get used to them. You can swap back to classic control if you prefer though.

Plus there's the ever-addictive card collection heart beating underneath it all. You need to build up your team by buying packs of cards. These might be balls, kits, stadia, new managers, or extra players to add to your roster.

That's where the free to play element comes in. The cards can be bought with coins you earn as you play, or with another currency you can buy with real-life money.

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Adding new players to your team isn't just about finding the best ball-kickers though. You need to work on the chemistry of your players, and see who they're most loyal to. It's all about finding the right balance.

It all hangs together really nicely, and there's plenty of scope to play different types of matches. Whether you've got a few minutes for a quick game or fancy a full season, there's something here for you.

There are weekly challenges involving the best players from the real world football leagues, and you can download match-ups to play them out on your iPhone or iPad.

This soft launch version of FIFA Ultimate Team 15 is certainly showing a lot of promise. We'll let you know when it's available in the rest of the world.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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