Fieldrunners DS soon available on DSiWare

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Fieldrunners DS soon available on DSiWare
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//UPdate: Actually it transpires that Fieldrunners isn't yet out in Europe for DSi. Soon we hope...

The march of Subatomic's Fieldrunners has been brutal and efficient.

After making impressive inroads on the iPhone, it was at the vanguard of the sadly faltering PSP Minis campaign, and a further version was recently announced for mobile.

And now, unless you live in Europe or one of the other territories that doesn't seem to have it, you can download Fieldrunners from DSiWare for 500 Nintendo Points.

We haven't put the game through its paces yet, but Subatomic has failed to make a mess of its flagship game thus far so it's probably safe to assume it's a winner, although at 500 Points ($5, €5 or £4.50), it's more expensive than the PSP Minis version's present discounted rate of €3.99 or £3.49.

But f you'd rather not play fast and loose with your Nintendo Points, stay tuned for our review.

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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