Outbreak of cute warfare

Swap blood for colourful explosions as Field Commander brings strategic battling onto PSP

Outbreak of cute warfare
| Field Commander

Already been compared to Nintendo’s Advance Wars, in terms of being a cute cartoon-style strategy battle game, Field Commander promises plenty of opportunities for PSP-loving armchair generals.

You take the role of a freelance field commander working for the Allied Nations to defend the world against evil terrorists bent on dealing in guns, starting wars, and finally achieving global domination (cue evil laughter...). But if the scenario is stereotyped, the variety of the gameplay should be more exciting.

There are 15 army divisions and 11 commanding officers that you get to select from to build up your forces. Each will provide you with special moves, attacks and skills so it will be vital to create the right mixture of troops. In the single player mode, you’ll have to fight through 30 missions across land, sea and sky. Each army will take turns to make its attacking moves before defending itself as the other side goes on the offensive, so expect this to be a more strategic experience than a twitch shooter.

And because Field Commander has been developed by Sony Online Entertainment, there should be a good selection of multiplayer modes available, including playing with your friends via wifi or connecting to the Internet and battle players from all over the world. Other online options includes the ability to create your own missions and then upload them to a central server so other players can try them out.

Due for release in February 2006, you can check out more about Field Commander from its official website at