'80s-inspired adventure Ferris Mueller's Day Off will go live on iOS and Android this Thursday

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'80s-inspired adventure Ferris Mueller's Day Off will go live on iOS and Android this Thursday

You might remember we wrote about Ferris Mueller's Day Off last October. It's an upbeat, garishly bright point-and-click adventure puzzler from the people behind the grim and grimy Forever Lost series.

Well, the game is set to go live on the App Store this Thursday.

The game is a sort-of parody of classic '80s teen escapist fantasy film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. In the game, you play as moustache-sporting headteacher Rooney, who's out to find some golden carrots to entice his mule, Ferris, back to school.

Cue lots of wandering around a scatchily drawn Wild West town, questioning the locals, solving puzzles, and giggling at some obscure off-the-wall comedy.

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There are loads of weird characters to interact with here, most of whom serve as nods to various other films, games, or TV series.

The puzzles themselves are just the right side of esoteric. So, you'll scratch your head, sure, but you won't be pulling all of your hair out.

This new game represents a pretty sharp U-turn in terms of theme for Glitch Games, though the tough puzzles and information gathering from Forever Lost are still very much in place.

Ferris Mueller's Day Off should surface on the App Store and the Google Play Store on January 16th. It'll cost you 69p / 99c.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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