Top Tweets: We create our own Peggle meme...

...While attending Sonic The Hedgehog's birthday bash

Top Tweets: We create our own Peggle meme...

Looking over a week's tweets all at once is an odd experience. It's like seeing a party in minute form, where everyone has meticulously timestamped and dated the fun things that they got up to.

This week, out party of pocket gaming tweets included news about a portable Mega Drive, more on Jon's every chaotic travel arrangements, our very own iPhone Peggle related internet meme (fast becoming) and a landmark birthday for everybody's favourite spiky blue Sega mascot.

Oh and we even created our own Rolando 2 character, Count Monocula who will almost certainly not make it into the final game. It's all fun and games as usual - read on for the rest of last week's gossip in consumably brief form.

10:41 AM Jun 22nd from web
3D Rollercoaster Rush iPhone review

11:02 AM Jun 22nd from TweetDeck
RT @Firemint: Blog post: Introduction to Real Racing Online Leagues

12:44 PM Jun 22nd from web Rob: TAG and Firemint talking about iPhone game soundtracks

1:28 PM Jun 22nd from webRob: Got an iPhone 3G S? Good, then read this

4:39 PM Jun 22nd from Seesmic Desktop in reply to weplayiPhone
@weplayiPhone It's been redacted by the House of Commons ;o) (ahem, well spotted, cheers!)

5:01 PM Jun 22nd from web
Spanner: Pac-Man Championship Edition takes the Pepsi challenge - which is Xbox 360 and which is mobile (I got it wrong!)

5:36 PM Jun 22nd from web

Rob: Want to know what games you need to buy for your iPhone? Then read on (it's the top 10 iPhone games)

7:47 PM Jun 22nd from twidroid
Jonj; PG in Newcastle for Game Horizon. PG's power supply in manchester however. Cue mad taxi ride to closing PCWorld. Made it just.

8:58 PM Jun 22nd from TweetDeck
RT @ngmoco: Rolando 2 site update: Take a tour with guide Simon Oliver through the Temple of Doomishness. 9:32 PM Jun 22nd from TweetDeck
jonj: is iPhone 3G S worth the upgrade for gamers? Is Pope catholic? Do bears poop in woods? Oh boy...

9:23 AM Jun 23rd from web
Mecho Wars iPhone review

10:00 AM Jun 23rd from web
Fraser: Sonic the Hedgehog is 18 years old today. They grow up so fast *sniff*
1:43 PM Jun 23rd from web
Spanner: Fancy playing Crysis or GTA IV on your mobile or iPhone? Then check this out

1:58 PM Jun 23rd from twidroid
JonJ:Êoppsadaisy. Pocket gamer no longer on Dave Jones' Xmas card list. Sorry Dave. Mobile MMOG story was bollocks. Clearly need ear test

3:44 PM Jun 23rd from TweetDeck
JonJ: Redemption after this morning? Probably not but I wrote something about WWDC for Edge Online

4:15 PM Jun 23rd from web

Rob: Mecho Wars interview with Luc Bernard. Apparently it might be coming to DSiWare

9:51 AM Jun 24th from webMass Effect iPhone review 11:53 AM Jun 24th from web
Rob: issues reported with 3.0 update on iPod touch 1G. Had any problems?

2:08 PM Jun 24th from web
Rob: It's the Pocket Gamer podcast. I do an impersonation of Christian Bale. It isn't accurate 5:39 PM Jun 24th from web Rob: Android gaming is gaming too. Here's a interview about Battle for Mars 4:43 PM Jun 25th from web
RT @pgbiz John Carmack: Apple "owe us one for what happened at the keynote" - anyone know what he means? 9:34 PM Jun 25th from webTracy: 10 games that play better on your new iPhone 3GS than that old has-been iPhone 3G

10:43 AM Jun 26th from web

Rob: There's a portable Sega Mega Drive 3:13 PM Jun 26th from web
Rob: More iPhone games from id Software thanks to deal with Zenimax. Home Alone a possibility? No

7:48 PM Jun 27th from TweetDeck
jonj: good to see the Pocket Gamer meme Doing A Peggle hit Twitter. Surely a trending topic is next?

10:50 AM Jun 28th from web
I just created Count Monocula, my very own Rolando 2 character! Check it out at Rolando2

about 11 hours ago from TweetDeck

jonj: More tin pushers in the tower - Flight Control goes multiplayer