Site News: Editor Harry Slater departs, Dann Sullivan and Cameron Bald acquire new roles

Site News: Editor Harry Slater departs, Dann Sullivan and Cameron Bald acquire new roles
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Hello everybody. I'm Dann Sullivan, the new Editor around these parts, and I'm here today to give you all a quick update on some recent changes to the team which have taken place. This should save you doing a double-take as you notice a shift in the names at the top of articles over the coming days.

Goodbye Harry

There comes a time in an Editor's life when they need to leave familiar pastures and head off into the wide world again. Our, now former, Editor Harry Slater has been a staple of Pocket Gamer for the last decade. There hasn't been a week go by in my time here where I haven't ended up reading back through one of Harry's old reviews or articles in my search for related products while writing for the site. He has been an anchor for the site and as he was a fantastic mentor to me while I was learning the ropes.

That said, he won't be far away. He's returning to the world of education to score a degree, and he may ever return to our shores in the months to come.

There's not enough hours to sift through all of Harry's work - try if you wish - so here are a few of my personal favourites from over the years. - We don't need a new Mario movie, 1993's Super Mario Bros was perfect

- Harry's hot takes: E3 2018 interview special

- Check out our exclusive breakdown of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer - Let's aim for fewer gimmicks and a better understanding of the platform

Hello Dann and Cameron

With Harry leaving us I'll be stepping up into the Editor shoes. Many of you won't have heard my name before now outside of the posts from the last few months. I'm quite active in the indie scene and have a passion for discovering hidden gems, as well as celebrating smaller, unknown titles and giving them a bigger audience. I'm hoping that under my guidance Pocket Gamer can continue to be the best place for handheld and mobile games, while also becoming a great place to discover something new and exciting.

If you have any questions or news tips then please send them through to my email: [email protected]. If not then simply catch me in the comment section.

The final piece of this team change story comes in the form of Cameron. Cameron Bald was a former intern with Steel Media (our parent company) and has been working with the sales team in the time since. He'll be joining the core Pocket Gamer team as of this week, taking on the role of News Editor. From there he will work closely with the rest of the team to ensure that we're always on top of the latest news, as well as keeping the homepage fresh and current.

To the future

Thank you for joining us as we move into a new chapter in Pocket Gamer's history, and don't forget that if you'd prefer your gaming news in email form we have a newsletter digest which you sign up for at the foot of the post below the comments.

Dann Sullivan
Dann Sullivan
A job in retail resulted in a sidestep into games writing back in 2011. Since then Dann has run or operated several indie game focused websites. They're currently the Editor-in-Chief of Pocket Gamer Brands, and are determined to help the site celebrate the latest and greatest games coming to mobile.