Pocket Gamer's video team AppSpy has launched a Patreon campaign

Support great video and streaming content, get awesome rewards

Pocket Gamer's video team AppSpy has launched a Patreon campaign
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Hello everyone!

Today Pocket Gamer's video arm AppSpy is launching its Patreon campaign, giving you the chance to help us take our awesome video content to the next level.

AppSpy is the most watched Twitch stream in the world for mobile and handheld gaming coverage, and its YouTube channel has a seriously dedicated following thanks to the high quality videos it produces every day.

We've achieved this with a small staff, and a tiny budget. With your help, we can step things up.

Becoming a supporter on Patreon is the most direct way that you can help us to make more, and better, videos. You'll not only helps us highlight fantastic mobile games to our viewers, but you'll help developers too by exposing their brilliant games to a wider audience.

Our Patreon campaign has something for everyone. From our community die-hards who want to see us create even more elaborate and exciting content, to the developers out there that understand the value of the gaming press and want to support great video coverage.

There are plenty of Rewards included for supporters, and for each funding tier we cross we can make even better video content - championing the very best that touchscreens have to offer.

Visit Patreon.com/AppSpy for all the details, and to show your support.


The AppSpy Team