Pocket Gamer weekly wrap-up - Pokemon X and Y reviewed, best strategy games on Android

Costume Quest! Codea! Beyond: Two Souls!

Pocket Gamer weekly wrap-up - Pokemon X and Y reviewed, best strategy games on Android

Another week has gone by, and we've dutifully marked the occasion by playing loads of iPad games and writing about them.

Read on to find out about this week's big releases, our latest features, and all the news stories that you lot have been reading.

New releases

This week, Android and iOS gamers were taken by surprise somewhat with the appearance of Double Fine's Halloween-themed RPG charm-fest Costume Quest. In this game, you follow a pair of trick-or-treaters who transform into the character on their costume when they enter turn-based fights.

The App Store library was also bolstered this week by abstract avoid-'em-up Duet, papercraft puzzler KAMI, unique platformer Ring Run Circus, font history lesson Type:Rider, and deck-building strategy epic Empire.

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You can get first impressions and video footage of all these games (and more) in What's New?

Android fans were able to get their hands on a lot of great new games this week. iOS favourites like censorship text adventure Blackbar, async tactics gem Hero Academy, spaceship fighter Star Command, and free-to-play juggernaut Clash of Clans all surfaced on Google Play during the last seven days.

Pokemon! Pokemon X and Y hit 3DS this week. We gave it a rare Platinum Award, and said "a true evolution of the series, Pokemon X and Y is the most important, expansive, exciting monster-battling title since the earlier days of the franchise."

You should probably get that, then.

Feature creep

This week, Jon Mundy picked out the best strategy games on Android. That includes the likes of Anomaly Korea, Frozen Synapse, and Autumn Dynasty. A great list of apps right there.

I made an app on my iPad. Want to find out how? Read this.
As we said 'hello' to the latest evolution of the Pokemon franchise, we used Rap Genius to find Pokemon references in rap songs. The results were kind of amazing.

We also found the best Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you're that way inclined) emulator for Android, told you how to install it, and recommended some games to get you going.

Cara is back with another crap app. This time, she takes the Perfect Woman Test. How will she score? Also: congrats to Cara for winning a Games Media Award this week. We take all the credit, naturally.

Furthermore, we've got some tips for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, some advice for new CastleVille Legends players, and a quick guide to playing PS3 adventure Beyond: Two Souls with your smartphone.

News beat

These are the stories you liked this week.

They may not be the best stories. They may not be the most important or revelatory stories. But they are the ones on which you clicked the most. So, really that's your fault, isn't it.

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