Just got an iPhone 3G S? Start here

How to get the most from your super-charged touch gaming phone

Just got an iPhone 3G S? Start here

Of course, we’re very jealous. You’re either rich or have timed your submission to the overwhelming power of iPhone - as well as Apple’s exclusive local network operator - just right. You’re the proud possessor of an iPhone 3G S.

Now what to do, eh?

Well, how about checking out some games that will work really well on your phone and its version 3.0 operating system? Here’s a list of the first to do so.

And what to do about the games you bought on your own iPhone or iPod touch? How can you resync them? See here.

More generally, you can see which iPhone games we think are the best in our Buyers Guide, which are ranked by review score. Alternatively, our ongoing deluge of iPhone game reviews can be lovingly investigated here.

Or how about some free games? Every week, our Trawler of gratis gaming goodness drops its nets and scoops up a haul of iPhone freebies that are worth your time. Who knows: after buying an iPhone 3G S, you might want to save a few pennies.

Our crack Pocket Gamer team also lays its cards on the table in the shape of the weekly iPhone gaming podcast. Check it!

And then comes craftwork. Do you want to make your own duct tape iPhone case, or an iPhone dock in a cardboard and sticky-backed plastic stylee? There is a credit crunch on, don’t you know?

We have some other handy iPhone How To guides as well, covering things like recording TV and using Google Earth.

But if you’re not yet a believer and still considering whether the iPhone 3G S is worthy of your hard-earned, we have a couple of articles that you might find interesting.

Should you buy an iPhone 3G S? The iPhone 3G S unboxing and camera comparison

And, finally, don’t forget to download the free Pocket Gamer iPhone app from iTunes, which will provide you will all our iPhone games goodness in terms of news, previews, features and reviews.

Aren’t we almost too good to you...