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Ambrus Studio brings E4C: Fallen Arena and Final Salvation to Sui

Move assets between games thanks to Sui, the layer 1 blockchain platform

Ambrus Studio brings E4C: Fallen Arena and Final Salvation to Sui

If you've ever slaved away at the ultimate rare equipment only to realise you've poured out your blood, sweat and tears onto something you can't even use anywhere else, you'll be delighted to know that today's blockchain technology is changing all that. In particular, Ambrus Studio has teamed up with Layer 1 blockchain Sui to help you move on-chain assets from one game to another, so you can keep hacking and slashing away with your hard-earned weapon like you deserve.

Quick and painless digital asset ownership

Before you turn tail at the first mention of web3 elements, Ambrus Studio's partnership with the smart contract platform makes the whole process as painless and accessible as possible while keeping things secure and private. The forthcoming E4C titles Fallen Arena and Final Salvation, for instance, will let you collect upgradable and customisable skins to be recorded in the Sui ecosystem for easy access between both games.

“The movement of assets between games in the E4C ecosystem is the actualized dream behind Ambrus Studio,” says Johnson Yeh, Founder of Ambrus Studio and former Riot Games Asia Pacific CEO. “Being able to move your hard-earned assets from one game to another has never been possible until web3: the seamless integration and use of NFTs and tokens from the E4C ecosystem is redefining player experience. And it’s not just one player at a time - with Sui’s help, we are able to accommodate a large number of players without compromising their gameplay. We can’t wait for the E4C to experience Fallen Arena and then Final Salvation.”

Take your hard-earned assets with you

In Fallen Arena, you'll dive into a colourful world where you'll not only battle against the toxic environment but also against other players fighting for survival. Combat is a fast-paced affair where collecting crystals lets you earn points, and with each new asset you earn, you can collect your E4C Rangers NFTs and use them for both titles.

“In-game assets generated by players in Fallen Arena, soon to be followed by Final Salvation, are the perfect test case for the actual definition of the metaverse - where users own their assets and ownership centres around the consumer,” says Evan Cheng, CEO of Mysten Labs and Original Contributor to Sui. “In the past, web3 gaming has largely failed to deliver on its promise to redefine player ownership, but the games Ambrus is producing are actually playable, fun, and designed for a mass audience - made possible by Sui’s speed, security and composability.”

Use Ranger NFTs and $E4C the way you want

With Mysten Labs and Sui, Ambrus Studios is empowering players with a better web3 experience as they earn $E4C and Combat Tickets across both games. They can then use these to exchange for Ranger NFTs, rare weapons, $E4C, and even cooler heroes to dominate both Final Salvation and Fallen Arena.

Ready to make a name for yourself across the smog-filled arenas and toxic wastelands? Discover how you can survive the fight when E4C: Final Salvation launches in the 2nd quarter of 2024. You can learn more about Final Salvation and Fallen Arena on the official website as well.