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While it's no longer an uncommon or shameful sight to see passengers whiling away train journeys with playful taps at their mobiles and tablets, Farty Pants is a game that'll have you furtively shielding your handset from the prying eyes of fellow commuters.

It's a game that you'll be embarrassed to be caught playing.

Unless you're under the age of ten, of course, in which case Farty Pants's 'hilarious' gameplay and universal themes will blow your tiny mind.

Toilet humour

Once you've found a suitably secluded location in which to play it, Farty Pants tasks you with ascending a tower using the power of flatulence, handing you control of a schoolboy experiencing some serious tummy trouble.

Armed with nothing more than the ability to walk, jump, and fart, you'll guide this freckled scamp upwards until you're dispatched by patrolling enemies or the tower's fiendish shifting scenery.

There are no secondary objectives or metagames to worry about here - you're simply chasing highscore glory.

The mechanics of farting

While carefully timed jumps allow you to ascend the tower floor-by-floor, farting instantly propels you several storeys upward, allowing you broad control over horizontal movement as you ride your own noxious wave skyward.

Your emissions are fuelled by tins of beans, which are scattered throughout the tower, and you can extend the power and duration of any fart-flight by lighting your expulsion on any open flame.

Lame as all of that sounds, it works well enough in gameplay terms. A well-executed fart can allow you to skip dozens of floors, weaving right and left over propulsive campfires and collectable bean cans.

But should you mismanage your flatulence, your progress will stall entirely - leaving you to arduously ascend by jumping alone, as you desperately search out the beans necessary for another take-off.

Powered ascent

Farty Pants's name and gameplay may be depressingly unfunny, but the game does manage to brush aside its puerile first impression with solid gameplay.

As the old saying goes, you can't judge a Java game by its juvenile scatological premise, and Farty Pants is an engaging high score chaser.

It's ultimately rather lightweight, but we'd encourage those put off by its toilet humour to peer past those noxious expulsions and examine the game hiding underneath.

Farty Pants

Farty Pants is not remotely funny, but there's a decent high score chaser with some clever mechanics to be found somewhere beneath the toilet humour