FarmVille iPhone diary: Day four on the farm

Feet planted firmly on the ground

FarmVille iPhone diary: Day four on the farm

Part four of a five-part adventure in the world of FarmVille. Click here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three.

Say hello to Mr popular. Not only do I have the earnest Mark Brown as a neighbour now, but I finally heard back from another invitee meaning I now have two other untended farms to look at occasionally. Things are looking up.

The reason that this post comes to you after a longer gap is that I decided to dabble in a more long term crop – specifically, the yellow bell pepper, which takes two whole days to grow. Whilst this respite from the two hourly raspberry harvest was welcome, it did render my farm utterly unplayable (such is the crowded nature of my field).

But I dutifully returned when the time was right and harvested my bumper crop of vegetables, in the process earning enough to buy a seeder for 30,000 coins. So now, things are becoming much easier.

My pink tractor ensures that ploughing my plots is quick and easy: simply holding down on any fallow land will bring up the tractor, then it’s a simple case of ‘painting’ the tractor’s route. Now, thanks to my shiny new seeder (unfortunately, not available in blush hues), I can perform the same action to plant infant produce.

The only difference this time around is that once you have chosen which land you wish to affect you can select from a handy pop up of recent crop choices or go to the market to choose something new. All slick, all effective.

But those loading times still remain. Whilst part of me thinks it churlish to bemoan the length of time a game that need only be visited every few hours takes to load, the innumerable other experiences waiting at the tap of an icon on my phone make it increasingly more difficult to become excited about each visit.

One more weekend to go, though, and then I shall have completed my journey. But before then, I am going to experiment with animals.

Stop sniggering at the back...