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Fantasy Town, gamigo's farming sim, is officially out on Android and iOS

Fantasy Town, gamigo's farming sim, is officially out on Android and iOS

After successful soft-launch and pre-registration phase, gamigo’s highly anticipated mobile farming simulator – Fantasy Town has globally hit Android and iOS. Besides being a sim, Fantasy Town also borrows certain elements from genres like RPG, adventure, and exploration. There is farming, battling, building, searching, and so much more.

Fantasy Town is a farming sim but it doesn’t tell the tale of a farmer. Players will find themselves in the shoes of the reluctant Lord of Arsendal, a man who is trying his best to not get involved in leading the town. The more he tries to get away, the harder he is reeled back in as the town’s dwellers will have him do tasks like tending the crops, creating new structures, keeping the townsfolk satisfied, and more. Whether the Lord likes it or not, the town must flourish under him, especially considering his secretive past…

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Speaking about the launch and plans ahead, Jeannie Odreman, gamigo Head of Mobile Publishing, said: “Today’s launch is just the start for Fantasy Town. Players can expect lots of community-focused events, especially those that involve the environment. We will also be listening to player feedback very closely as we look to give our community the kind of game they would be happy to play for hours on end.”

As players progress through the story, they will be fighting trolls, expanding boundaries, raiding dungeons and completing loads of minigames and puzzles. Another feature to look out for is the guild system, which will allow players to create squads with friends to do various tasks. Together they will be able to put out fires, save plants from the storm, fight monsters and Kraken, and also participate in special guild events for exclusive rewards.

Fantasy Town allows players to do exactly what the name suggests, build their own dream world. Can you help the Lord of Arsendal not get away from his job? Then, download Fantasy Town now for free.

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