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Fantasy Life Online is an upcoming simulation RPG that is hitting the virtual shelves tomorrow for Android and iOS

Fantasy Life Online is an upcoming simulation RPG that is hitting the virtual shelves tomorrow for Android and iOS
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Boltrend Games is launching a sequel to the extremely popular console game from Japan called Fantasy Life, created by LEVEL-5. Fantasy Life Online, the new simulation RPG, is shifting platforms to enter the mobile space and will be available to download tomorrow, December 7th at 2:00 am UTC. It is a game with 12 Classes and three Styles to choose from, set in a world with thrilling combat and an epic story. With two gameplay modes to choose from, Fantasy Life Online lets you live a whole new life with either friends or as a lone warrior.

To celebrate the launch, Boltrend Games is giving players lots of rewards and events to participate in. Logging in for seven days after release can reward you with up to 2400 free Diamonds, one random 5-star gear (using Mega Star Summon Coins), and other cosmetic gear items. The Adventure Carnival Event will provide daily missions that will generate loads of points to purchase items. Every day, a pack goes on sale as well. The event stays active for 10 days after making a character.

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After creating a new character, a new player exclusive summon is immediately activated. It grants an 11x Summon but will cost 40 Diamonds, which you must pay for. You are guaranteed one 5-star character or above. This can be performed twice within seven days of creating an account.

Tenfu Shrine Maiden will summon Haku – the Witch of the Heavenwind during a special event that will run until December 21st. The 20th 11x summon guarantees Haku, while the 15th one will give you the Windcall Staff, an ancient staff that the wind spirit inhabits.

Finally, a limited-time multiplayer event called Underground Ice Flower will also run until December 21st. using new characters like Haku will give you some extra bonuses as well.

While Fantasy Life Origin officially launches tomorrow, you can pre-register for the game immediately on the App Store and Google Play.

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