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Factory Balls

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Factory Balls
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If you're familiar with browser-based games then there's a good chance you'll have crossed paths with Bart Bonte's Factory Balls before.

Several versions have been released already, but this mobile edition is the first time the series has ventured away from the desktop PC. Given the simplicity of the challenge, it's a wonder that it didn't happen sooner - Factory Balls may be fiendishly difficult at times, but it's a perfect fit for the small screen.

The object of the game is to get your plain ball to the same state as the goal ball. You do this by dipping it into paint pots and using various items that allow you to add unique patterns to the sphere.

For example, the target ball might be red with white eyes and black pupils, which means you need to use two sets of goggles to block the paint and create the different patterns.

Massive balls

Items act as modifiers, but they're often quite obscure in design, which means you'll need to experiment with them to see exactly what effect they have on the ball. Thankfully, there's no time limit or punishment for making an incorrect move, so you can try several different configurations to feel your way to success.

There are 44 different puzzles to work through, each one offering a robust and often befuddling logic challenge. Right from the start, Factory Balls requires supreme concentration and intense forward-planning, so if you favour light-hearted mobile entertainment then you may become frustrated very early on.

A load of all balls

The only genuine complaint we can level is that once you've finished all of the puzzles, there's little reason to return - but getting to that stage will take a fair amount of effort.

Those of you who thrive on a cerebral challenge and are keen for a mental workout should find Factory Balls to be just the ticket. It's simple, attractive to look at, and refreshingly tricky.

Factory Balls

Straightforward and deceptively tough, Factory Balls is perfect for players who crave a mental workout
Damien  McFerran
Damien McFerran
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