Exos Heroes adds a new Fatecore, Guardian of the Mind's Eye - Rera, and an exclusive weapon

Exos Heroes adds a new Fatecore, Guardian of the Mind's Eye - Rera, and an exclusive weapon
| Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes is adding a new Fatecore for its Fated Hero Rera, Guardian of the Mind's Eye – Rera, along with a matching Exclusive Weapon called Holy Unicorn. The new addition shows the mature form of Rera in a parallel universe.

Rera belongs is a Blue Fatecore and her abilities significantly enhance the stats of all the Chaos type heroes. Holy Unicorn, her exclusive weapon is a powerful unicorn bow, that wards off the evil energies and only heroes with a pure heart are able to draw it.

As Rera is worthy of holding the Unicorn Bow, the weapon enhances her combat skills and boosts her base attributes. The appearance of the weapon also changes when Rera wields it. After acquiring the Unicorn Bow, Rera is considered one of the most powerful Fatecores in the parallel universe.

If you are looking to grab both Fatecore Guardian of the Mind's Eye – Rera and her exclusive weapon, Holy Unicorn, then you can head to the game as both the items are available till May 26th with an increased chance.

In addition, Line Games is also holding events for its upcoming global launch 1st-anniversary celebrations for Exos Heroes. To grab some free rewards, players can log in to the game to claim The 7 Days of Gifts. The rewards include 700 Xes, 5 Nation Recruit Tickets, 50 Dye Coupons and 55 free Premium Recruits until May 26th.

Previously, the game had also introduced new Fatecores, added a new pickup event and gave away huge rewards in order to celebrate their first launch anniversary. You can read all about it in our recent article.

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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