Exit re-enters the building

Sequel to PSP puzzle game on the way

Exit re-enters the building
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You can't keep a good videogame man down. Excellent in his debut, the criminally ignored PSP puzzler, Mr. ESC is slated to return very soon with a sequel (aka a second chance) according to a report by Japanese games magazine Famitsu.

To be titled Kangaeru Exit for its Japanese launch this September (and no, we haven't got it confused with the Australian version, the loose translation is 'Thinking Exit'), the new game will feature no less than 110 stages of panic-quelling puzzling action, with a whole lot more to be available as free downloads from Taito.

If our questionable translation of the article is to be trusted, the gameplay will remain essentially the same as the original, but with an increased focus on problem-solving at the expense of action.

Mr. ESC's abilities have been increased to 12 basic instructions (now including the ominous 'fall' move) in order to deal with perillous new obstacles like ropeways and escalators. (Could this mean a 'Lost in Selfridges' level?) There are also some new survivors in need of rescuing, in the shape of stronger men and women, and erm, dogs.

As yet there's no screenshots of Kangaeru Exit (those above are from the original) or a confirmed release date or a title for the release in UK or US, or much of anything really – but you can be sure we'll be keeping a close watch on the back door for the slightest signs of movement.

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