Take part in 20 simultaneous asynchronous matches in Everybody’s Golf for Vita

Plus, new courses and characters coming Tuesday

Take part in 20 simultaneous asynchronous matches in Everybody’s Golf for Vita
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Gold Award-winning PS Vita sports title Everybody's Golf (or Hot Shots Golf, if you live in the US) has been updated with asynchronous multiplayer.

Basically, if you don't really have the time to take part in live matches, you can now compete in turn-based events that allow you to drop in and out of the action at will.

You can have 20 of these asynchronous matches running simultaneously, which means you'll likely have at least a couple of shots to take every time you fire up Sony's latest handheld.

This update also enables a four-player stroke mode in the game's multiplayer rooms, and adds a slot machine-style handicap system to online play.

Finally, it introduces an SMS-like messaging system that allows you to send short ditties to your buddies.

More to come

According to Tsubasa Inaba (a senior producer at SCEA), several new courses and characters will be added to Everybody's Golf when the PlayStation Store is updated this coming Tuesday.

Two classic courses - Mt. Sakura and Northern Fox - and a third completely new course - Mar Cielo - will be made available as DLC for some of your hard-earned real-world pennies.

Similarly, three new characters - Erika, Gloria, and Kat - from PS Vita hit Gravity Rush will be available, too.

Each character will cost you 99c (or €0.75) each, while each course will set you back $2.99 (€2.49)

US users will be able to grab all three courses and three characters in a single pack for $11.99 (or $8.99 for PS Plus members).

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