EVE Echoes to begin closed alpha testing in select territories

Begins later this month

EVE Echoes to begin closed alpha testing in select territories

EVE: Echoes, CCP's mobile spin-off of their hugely popular MMO, will be going into closed alpha from 26th August to 20th September. Unfortunately for us Brits, it will only be available for selected users in Australia, New Zealand and the Nordic countries.

But it does mean that the game is coming along nicely as we inch closer to a mobile space exploration game. Announced last year, EVE Echoes promises to be based on the design principles of the PC version that allows players complete freedom in a huge sandbox world where some excellent player-driven stories have emerged.

This bold claim seems to mean that they're not skimping on features for the mobile version. Spaceship combat, gathering resources, trading and exploration are all said to be included. The in-game universe will also be persistent, meaning that the galaxy will change regardless of how often you play.

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CCP will be teaming up with NetEase Games to create EVE: Echoes who will provide the graphics engine, NeoX. NetEase has been around a while and has had a long-term partnership with Blizzard operating the Chinese versions of a number of their games alongside developing the upcoming Diablo: Immortal.

It will be available on iOS though you'll need to have an iPhone 6 or later. Similarly, if you're preferred platform is Android then you will need to have a Samsung Note8, Note 9, S8, S9, Huawei P30 or a Google Pixel 2.

If you happen to be in Australia, New Zealand or one of the Nordic countries and have one of the above devices then you can sign up for a chance to gain access to the closed alpha. Though of course, there is no guarantee you will be selected, but it's worth throwing your hat in the ring.

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