Era of Conquest opens pre-registrations on Android and iOS ahead of October launch

Era of Conquest opens pre-registrations on Android and iOS ahead of October launch

With the conclusion of the final round of beta testing, 4399 is gearing up for the release of their mobile strategy game, Era of Conquest, which is due to release sometime next month. As most of the development is now complete, pre-registrations on Android and iOS have been rolled out alongside a few pre-launch events that award bucketloads of goodies.

Prior to Era of Conquest’s release in October, pre-registrants will be able to participate in a myriad of activities. Completing simple tasks will give players a shot at earning valuable items such as an iPhone, PlayStation 5, as well as a Nintendo Switch. On top of that, there are several in-game items up for grabs as well.

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If you haven’t heard about the game, Era of Conquest takes players on an immersive adventure through nine historical civilizations which feature a diverse array of cultures. Players will be able to step into the shoes of important individuals like Caesar, Hermann, and Cleopatra, and lead iconic armies such as the Crossbowmen and the Mamluks.

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As players traverse from the fringes of continents all the way to its core, they will have to assemble powerful armies, and form bonds with others while also defeating those that do not yield. An entire empire needs to be built from scratch. From constructing cities to looting resource points, players will have to do it all.

But the greatest feature of all is on the battlefield, where players will find themselves among 10,000 other players who are out for blood. The entire arena is humongous and at 120km x 120km, it can comfortably fit that many combatants. This is where alliances are built in order to create the ultimate empire.

Era of Conquest is set to release in late October. Pre-register for the game now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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