Era of Conquest enters its final testing phase ahead of its upcoming launch

Era of Conquest enters its final testing phase ahead of its upcoming launch

Era of Conquest, the upcoming mobile strategy game from developers 4399, entered its final testing phase a few days ago (August 18th, to be exact). This should allow the team to gather more feedback from the active community in order to finetune the game and optimise it for a more streamlined SLG experience.

In Era of Conquest, you can look forward to an upgraded skill and line-up system where you can take advantage of an intelligent hero recommendation element. Here, you can strategise on the best hero to pick as the system automatically recommends one for you depending on your roster.

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In case you're not familiar with the game, Era of Conquest boasts an epic real-time map where up to 10,000 players can duke it out on a massive 120km x 120km sandbox battlefield. You can, of course, join forces with your online buddies to form alliances and take down your foes. There are no VIP memberships or extra resources for paying players, so everyone will start off on equal footing with no pesky pay-to-win schemes.

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Following this final testing phase, the game will soon open up pre-registrations ahead of its imminent launch. There's no official word yet as to the exact release date, but if you're eager to join in on all the fun and experience the game for yourself, you can check out Era of Conquest on the Google Play Store for Android devices at the moment, with the iOS App Store link to follow. You can also join the community of followers on the official Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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