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Upcoming RTS title, Era of Conquest, is launching its Closed Beta Test in July

Get an early taste of the game ahead of its global launch for mobile and PC

Upcoming RTS title, Era of Conquest, is launching its Closed Beta Test in July
| Era of Conquest

Era of Conquest, the upcoming, cross-platform, RTS title from 4399, is set to start Closed Beta Testing in mid-July ahead of its planned launch on Steam, PC, iOS, and Android later this year.

Offering a culturally rich experience where players can sample the instruments of war from a number of diverse civilisations (Britain, German, France, Rome, Japan, China, and Viking, and more) Era of Conquest is shaping up to be one of the biggest RTS releases of 2022, having conquered the download charts in mainland China last year.

The game follows the story of a group of fallen lords from various civilisations who aim to reclaim their honour by: expanding their kingdoms, forging alliances, summoning historical heroes, and claiming new victories for their clans. Upon choosing which of these Lords suits you best, new players will start the game in the protective fog of their inner city to avoid the hindrance of early assaults from opposing players.

This simple courtesy is indicative of the number of measures Era of Conquest has put in place to ensure a fair playing experience for all its players. For instance, players cannot purchase any resources that help advance the game, and troops are replenished over time eliminating the need to pay for them entirely.

When the battles do get going though, you can expect quite an epic real-time experience, with sieges capable of featuring up to 6,000 troops; all on the same screen. There’s no limit to the extent of your battles either, as players from all around the world can fight with each other on the same server.

If you’d like to sample Era of Conquest for yourself ahead of its global launch, the epic-sized RTS will be launching a closed beta test next month. To stay up to date with the game’s latest developments, also be sure to check out its official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord channels.

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