Epic Island is a new casual free to play RPG with 'epic' titans and 'epic' loot

The word 'epic' is weird now

Epic Island is a new casual free to play RPG with 'epic' titans and 'epic' loot
| Epic Island

Backflip Studios claims that Epic Island is the most epic game ever. "Epic heroes on an epic quest to defeat epic beasts and score insanely epic loot," the studio says.

Of course, it's all in jest, capturing the lighthearted approach to the fantasy RPG that Epic Island has.

It's a casual, free to play party-based RPG in which you assemble a bunch of heroes, including: the Dashing Male, Daring Huntress, Wise Man, Nimble Elf, and Stout Dwarf.
They each have unique skills and can be customised to allow for strategic play during battles. You'll send them on timed quests into dungeons to slay titans, earn fame, and earn lots of loot.

Nothing new there, then.

With your earnings you can forge new weapons and equipment, and adopt pet companions. Adorable.

As you can imagine, if you looped all of those activities forever, that's what Epic Island is.

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You can, however, also challenge other online players to battles in the arena. There are also factions to join so you can hopefully earn weekly bonuses.

If you fancy giving it a go, you can download Epic Island on the App Store for free right now.

Do note that, at the time of writing, Backflip is working on supporting the Family Sharing feature for Epic Island. You'll have to disable "Ask to Buy?" to stop any accidental in-app purchases.