Epic Citadel comes to Android, iOS version receives minor update

Infinity Blade to stay iOS exclusive

Epic Citadel comes to Android, iOS version receives minor update
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Those who fancy taking an epic stroll through an equally epic landscape will no doubt find this news exciting: on Tuesday, Epic Games released Epic Citadel for Android.

The atmospheric demo software, which is meant to highlight the graphical glory of the Unreal Engine 3, is free to download and includes a Benchmarking Mode that allows you to determine your device's performance with the game engine.

We've seen Epic Citadel run on Android before - namely at CES two years back - but this is the first time that Android users can download the software onto their devices themselves.

Tramping along

In addition to being an absolute treat for the eyes, Epic Citadel also serves as a flyover of the hyper-realistic, dynamic world that Epic's Infinity Blade is set in.

Unfortunately, it looks like a flyover and benchmark test is all that Android gamers can look forward to from Infinity Blade's world. Epic confirms via The Verge that the Infinity Blade franchise will remain an iOS-exclusive.

Meanwhile, on the Apple side of things, the iOS version of Epic Citadel received a minor update that adds compatibility for the 5th generation iPhone and iPod Touch, in addition to the 4th generation of iPad.

Google Play: Epic Citadel

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