CES 2011: Unreal Engine 3 demo Epic Citadel shown on Android

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CES 2011: Unreal Engine 3 demo Epic Citadel shown on Android

Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 showcase demo, Epic Citadel, has been shown running on a dual-core Android tablet.

Epic Citadel is a highly detailed game environment designed to demonstrate the potential of Unreal Engine on mobile devices. While the demo has thus far appeared only on iOS devices, attendees at CES have been shown it running on an Android-powered Dell Streak 7 4G tablet, which features a Tegra 2 dual-core processor

Although Epic has made it clear that Android support is forthcoming, it hasn’t released any information on when that will be. It will permit Android developers to make games using the engine, though, as evidenced by Dungeon Defenders: First Wave.

As the video below suggests, it now appears to be only a matter of time before Epic's support for Google's mobile platform is officially announced. We hope.

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