Epic's Unreal Development Kit to add iOS support to roster

Android also a possibility

Epic's Unreal Development Kit to add iOS support to roster
| Epic Citadel

Considering the splash Epic Citadel has already made on iPhone – 1 million downloads from the App Store to date – Epic president Mark Rein's comments that iOS is now a priority for the developer, at least in a mobile context, won't surprise many.

However, Epic isn't content to stop there, with Rein revealing that the company is to add iOS support to its Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

It's a move that will allow developers to create apps for the platform running on Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

Unreal iOS

"There are countless UDK applications from games to driving simulators to animated films, and soon we will be able to count mobile applications," Rein is accredited as saying in a press release, revealing installations of Epic's UDK have surpassed 350,000.

"What this means is that UDK developers will soon be able to use the power of Unreal Engine 3 to create apps for iOS devices."

However, while iOS might be leading the charge, Rein has also suggested the UDK may come to Android in the future.

Indeed, Epic demoed Unreal Engine 3 on the Android powered Galaxy S at the Korea Games Conference earlier this week, with Dungeon Defenders – used by Epic to showcase how studios can use UDK – having previously made an appearance on a Tegra 2 development kit (see below).

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