Ensemble Stars!! Music is celebrating love with the Busy Valentine's Day campaign

Ensemble Stars!! Music is celebrating love with the Busy Valentine's Day campaign

Happy Elements has readied the perfect gift for the ladies this Valentine’s Day as the Ensemble Stars!! Music is set to feature a special campaign called Busy Valentine’s Day. The Otome and rhythm fans can enjoy this event as it features loads of things to do and even more rewards to earn in the process.

The Busy Valentine’s Day event on Ensemble Stars!! Musical asks players to put on their aprons as they are tasked with making chocolates for all their favourite idols in exchange for Limited Voices from them. A lot of varieties are there to choose from, going from the Ordinary to the Favourite Chocolate, each bringing a distinct voice.

This can be done with all the idols that are available. Once all of them receive their Ordinary and Favourite Chocolates, players can proceed to make the former for the staff members as well. This will grant them rewards such as Training Items, Gems, and EXP Tickets.

In addition to this, a number of other in-game events will be available too. Special Valentine’s Day limited voices of all idols have been recorded on the Home Screen and in the Idol Room. There will be a Vday limited SPP for Melty Kitchen and Valentine’s Eve Nightmare as well.

Another way to earn rewards is the Valentine’s Handshake Event, where fans and training items are up for grabs. After completing the Live/Idol Work, these prizes will be doubled.

Meanwhile, the shop will feature all Vday furniture at discount. New seasonal items like Weird Kitchen: Valentine’s Day have been added with Motions and Interactions. Buying the entire set gives the Curious Sweets Lamp piece for free as well. The entire event will run until the end of this month.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by downloading Ensemble Stars!! Music now for free using your preferred link below.

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Tanish Botadkar
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