Ensemble Stars!! Music welcomes its new Spring-themed event, which introduces a ton of new campaigns alongside some new Cards to roll for

Ensemble Stars!! Music welcomes its new Spring-themed event, which introduces a ton of new campaigns alongside some new Cards to roll for

Popular otome and rhythm game Ensemble Stars!! Music is all set for its latest event, this time bringing a Spring-themed load of content for players to experience. The event will run from now until February 6th, and includes the likes of two new Activation Events, a new dice-rolling mini-game full of rewards, and some Limited Event Cards to roll for on the latest gacha banner!

In case you aren’t familiar, Ensemble Stars!! Music is a pretty successful rhythm game with a dash of otome in there. It features you training a variety of different idol boys as you play through their songs, aiming for the highest scores in each.

On the other hand, you’ll also get to experience a variety of superbly written storylines that will offer up some backstory for all the boys you manage to collect, offering up some depth to their characters. For comparison’s sake, think of games like Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage or Bang Dream! Girls Party.


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As for this new event and what it brings, we can experience two different new Activation Events that will allow you to meet idols, get greetings, or obtain gift boxes by visiting different parts of Ensemble Square with Invitations. You can get these Invitations by clearing Idol Work and Live with BP, and this will then lead to the ability to cheer on the Starry Stage, which will give you a large variety of rewards!

The Spring Fair event also offers up the opportunity to roll dice on an in-game board and will give you a bunch of different rewards depending on which space you land on based on the result of that roll.

Finally, the new gacha banner that you can roll on. The Whisper of Spring Scout includes a 5-star Ballad of Spring Tales version of Izumi Sena, a 4-star Bouncing Spring Moon variant of Nazuna Nito, a 3-star Captivating Spring Breeze version of Kaoru Hakaze, and a 3-star Walk With Spring Steps Souma Kanzaki.

Of course, there will also be a daily log-in campaign going on that offers up even more free stuff for players, so be sure to check in every day during the runtime of this Spring event. If you’d like to do so, you can download Ensemble Stars!! Music for free at either of the links below.

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