Kemco's latest sprite-based RPG End of Aspiration lands on Google Play

Is somebody choking?

Kemco's latest sprite-based RPG End of Aspiration lands on Google Play

If you game on an Android phone and have a fondness for retro RPGs, chances are good that you're already familiar with Kemco Games.

The Japanese-based developer best known for titles like its Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Symphony of Eternity released its latest RPG, End of Aspiration, onto Google Play on Monday.

The epic story of End of Aspiration follows Eril, the Azure Sorceress, and Yute, a wandering trader, as they join forces to combat a nefarious group plotting to disrupt the fragile peace of their world.

Joining the two main characters are a supporting cast of three party members each with their own personalities and ambitions that help drive the game's story forward.

It's a fantasy, and that's final

Although End of Aspiration has a huge game world to offer its players, those who want to dig a bit further into the game can do so by making a few extra in-app purchases. These IAPs allow players to access exclusive towns, dungeons, and items.

End of Aspiration features the warm, 2D graphics of traditional 16-bit RPGs but also integrates a modern (and welcome!) auto-save function that will help players enjoy the game on the go.

End of Aspiration costs £5.49 / $7.99, but as is the case with many Kemco RPGs, it is available now at 50 per cent off (£2.49 / $3.99) as part of a launch sale.

Google Play: End of Aspiration

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