Edge Games’s Timothy Langdell facing the chop from IGDA

Members take exception to litigious director

Edge Games’s Timothy Langdell facing the chop from IGDA
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An attempt is being made by members of the International Game Developers Association to remove Edge Games’s Timothy Langdell from the board.

He was only appointed to the position in March of 2009, but has since come under extreme scrutiny for his aggressive litigation against any media using the word ‘edge’ in the title.

Langdell has a history of pursuing such a course, but matters recently came to a head when the critically acclaimed independent iPhone game Edge was removed from the App Store thanks to repeated threats of legal action from Langdell. As the IGDA claims to represent such independent developers, some members feel that there’s a clear conflict of principles.

There’s also the fact that Langdell has been using his position on the board as leverage for his legal actions, describing himself during one recent case as someone who "presently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Game Developers Association, which is the largest game association worldwide."

An email sent to all IGDA members highlighting these issues states that, "Many of us believe that this is a gross misrepresentation and feel that Tim Langdell is able to use his position on the board of the IGDA to work directly against the mission of the organization."

It also points out that, “Edge Games has not been associated with the direct production of an original video game in the last fifteen years."

A special IGDA meeting has been requested in which members will vote on Langdell’s position on the board, although at least ten per cent of the entire membership must agree to the meeting first.

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