EA unleashes yet another classic collection for PSP

From Syndicate to Wing Commander, 14 new old games slated to appear on Sony's handheld

EA unleashes yet another classic collection for PSP
| EA Replay

The retro look is clearly in this season; EA has decided it's time to follow the likes of Sega down the catwalk, with an ensemble of 14 back-catalogue offerings that first saw the light of day on the SNES, Megadrive and 3DO.

The EA Replay compilation concept is rather unexplored territory for the mega-publisher, but it will certainly allow fans to retread some very familiar ground in the form of epic adventure Ultima VII: The Black Gate, strategy classic Syndicate and none-too shabby space-shooter Wing Commander.

Suffice to say a few of the accessories here are more Primark than Prada (could anyone really ever need more than one instalment of Road Rash, for instance, and what is B.O.B anyway?), but the likes of Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Mutant League Football should atone for that somewhat.

While we don't yet know exactly which version of the various games will be recreated, it looks likely that many will support wi-fi multiplayer, all will be playable in widescreen as well as normal mode, and there'll be unlockable bonus features including game art to discover too.

Due for US release on October 3rd, a European release date should follow fashionably later.

Here's the full list while you wait:

Desert Strike
Jungle Strike
Haunting Starring Polterguy
Mutant League Football
Road Rash
Road Rash II
Road Rash III
Ultima: The Black Gate
Virtual Pinball
Wing Commander
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions
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