Dynasty Scrolls' latest update adds four new Legendary Heroes

Dynasty Scrolls' latest update adds four new Legendary Heroes
| Dynasty Scrolls

YOOZOO Games’ is rapidly expanding its role-playing mobile game Dynasty Scrolls by adding four new legendary heroes. Let’s focus on the latest additions and take a brief look at the strength and capabilities of these heroes.

Cao Cao
Faction: Wei

Cao Cao plays the role of a warlord and military genius. He’s the man behind the development of the state Wei. With his clever tactics and solid decisions during the war, he acts as the top controller of Wei. Upgrade him to the max level where he can freeze two enemies even if he misses his attack paired with a massive AOE damage with his normal melee attack.

Guan Yu
Faction: Shu

Guan Yu is the most loyal general Shu has ever had. His skills are quite unique such as Rage recovery and team damage reduction abilities. The most interesting part of his abilities is his immunity to Stun and Silence. Once fully upgraded, you can face the enemy fearlessly as he ignores 60% of enemy defences. With these attributes, Guan Yu represents a perfect blend of offensive and defensive abilities.

Zhou Yu
Faction: Wu

Zhou Yu is a powerful military general and strategist. His attacks deal a huge amount of AOE damage along with a Stun. Zhou Yu’s burn damage cannot be deflected or removed by any means. Fight along with other heroes like Gan Ning to form a better pair as their unique skill sets are quite annoying for the enemies to deal with.

Lu Bu
Faction: Warlord

Lu Bu’s is another hero who is all about massive damage. Use his Rage buffs and absorb the enemy hits to deliver up to four times the damage. His physical damage is coupled with an additional 50% Crit Strength.

Dynasty Scrolls is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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