Dunk Hit: Three reasons why you should check out the casual basketball gane

| Dunk Hit
Dunk Hit: Three reasons why you should check out the casual basketball gane

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Dunk Hit is a casual type of mobile experience where the goal is extremely simple but hard to master. You take a basketball and make it bounce enough times until it goes through the hoop. Once it gets through one hoop, then you switch to another basket. 

You need to accomplish this within a certain time limit. Truly, the goal is to make as many baskets as you can with the time that you have to work with. You are rewarded points based on how you score. If the ball clanks off of the rim before going in, then you get one point. However, if you swish it, then you'll receive two or three points. 

It's a game that is a ton of fun to play whether you're a basketball fan, sports fan or just a gamer, it's a great way to kill time while also feeling like a solid mobile gaming experience. Here are three specific reasons why you should probably give Dunk Hit a try. 

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It plays quickly

Some of the best casual games can be played in a short amount of time. Dunk Hit may be the epitome of the genre, as not only is it quick, but it is a very satisfying experience. and with basketball being as fast-paced of a sport that it is, this game represents it beautifully.

Get your bounces in, and score some points. I shouldn't take you too long to get through a game unless you're on an amazing streak. This is great if you're out and about and wanted to take some time to get your game on no matter where you are.

And even if you're just at home (which many of us still are), it's an excellent way to get some fun gaming sessions in if you don't feel like doing the full thing. Maybe it's late at night and you want your hoops fix before bed, then this a good option for that also.

It's extremely easy to learn

This is something we already kind of mentioned but it's so easy to pick up and play Dunk Hit. All you need to is tap that phone screen of yours. Just make sure to tap the right amount of times so that the ball gets enough flight. From there, watch it drop through the hoop for a score. 

So the only you need to know is the proper amount of bounces. So as easy as it is to pick up, it's not exactly easy to master. Especially with hoop sizes changing each time which means you have to adjust on the fly. And then you have the clock to worry about too. 

But as mentioned, as soon as you fire the game up, you'll know what to do almost immediately. Games that are complicated to learn can certainly steer gamers in a different direction sometimes. But with this, you have a very addicting game that you can get used to quickly. 

Fun skins

Who doesn't love some great customizable features? Well, in Dunk Hit, you unlock some new basketball skins to take a break from the classic orange ball. The styles they have are wacky and cool and help make your game experience more enjoyable. 

No, there aren't any special powers associated with these skins, but sometimes having something fresh to look at can make it seem like you're playing a slightly different game. I might've used this analogy before but, it's like changing the grip of your old golf club. Since the grip is the first thing you touch, it feels like you have a shiny new club even though it's the same oldie goldie that you had for years. 

But some the skins include different colored traditional basketballs but then there are some funny ones such as a doughnut, watermelon, and even a ghost. And in the game, when you go on a scoring streak, you will catch fire like in NBA Jam and your ball will change color and design in epic fashion. It's really pretty cool. 

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