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Cute dating simulator Dream Girlfriend unveils its latest event

Earn limited-edition avatars

Cute dating simulator Dream Girlfriend unveils its latest event

Dream Girlfriend is an anime-style dating sim all about meeting and getting to know cute anime girls. The game is now approaching its fourth anniversary, and it’s still as popular as ever.

The basic idea is that you can dress up your girlfriend however you’d like, select their personality, and shape them into the anime girl of your dreams. There are tons of unique cosmetics and hairstyles to pick from; it’s a surprisingly extensive experience.


Those who’ve already given it a go will know that the game is constantly updated to feature new events, campaigns, and other fresh content. The news today is that Ambition is ready to announce the latest event coming to Dream Girlfriend, ‘A Laid-Back Country Life with You: Memories of Summer Sky’.


You’ll be able to get involved from Monday, August 26th, and it lets you enjoy a nature-filled summer adventure with your favourite in-game girlfriends. By working your way through special event stages within the first 48 hours of it going live, you can earn yourself a limited-edition avatar.
Other limited avatars are also up for grabs to those who work to clear certain event conditions. The event gacha uses medals, which you can earn simply by progressing through the event stages. By raising your in-game girlfriend’s charm, you stand to earn even more event points. It’s also worth noting that the gacha features linked event outfits and items which have the ability to boost the charm stat, so it’s worth putting in the time and effort to earn them.

While the main event will run from August 26th to September 9th, the gacha period is a little longer, running from August 26th to September 15th. This gives you a bit more time to reap as many rewards as possible.

If you’re yet to take it for a spin, you’ll find Dream Girlfriend available for download now over on both the App Store and Google Play. It’s free to play and a lot of fun.