Dr Awesome takes a scalpel to the iPhone

And your friends and family, apparently

Dr Awesome takes a scalpel to the iPhone

Hmm. Dr Awesome sounds kind of like a bad 70s comic, or possibly a house music DJ. But saviour of the world? I'm not sure I'd trust someone called Dr Awesome with my insides and bits and pieces, but he's here to save the world's population from a deadly virus outbreak nonetheless.

As much as ngmoco's latest iPhone game looks quite like Phoenix Wright in terms of manga-esque artwork, and sounds a lot like Trauma Center in terms of gameplay, it actually appears to be more of a Qix style game. Using the accelerometer, you're job as the world's most skilled micro-surgeon is to section of the virus-infected parts of the screen with a steady hand and save the afflicted patient.

And here's the most intriguing (and of dubious taste) aspect of Dr Awesome's iPhone integration. The patients are actually pulled from your contacts list, so it's friends, family, colleagues and any celebrities you're currently stalking that you'll be operating upon. We'll leave it up to you as to whether this is a great feature or a tacky one, but the developer gets an 'A' for ingenuity.

That said, Aurora Feint did find itself pulled briefly from the App Store after it was caught accessing the iPhone's contact list – though that might have been more to do with it sending those details online (albeit securely and not for spamming purposes). Presumably Apple are watching out for such things now, and you can take a look at the video below before deciding whether to let Dr Awesome tinker inside the guts of your contact list.

Don't forget to hit the 'Track It!' button for more Dr Awesome news as it comes in, or check out our review of the microsurgeon at work (who you can see in the footage below).

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