We're Doomed!

The iconic shooter is aiming at the mobile and silver screens

We're Doomed!
| Doom RPG

Doom, the game that effectively launched the PC as a gaming platform, is due to arrive on mobile phones this autumn. Launching to coincide with the October 2005 American release of Universal Studios' Doom the movie (starring ex-WWE wrestler The Rock), DOOM RPG is being created by id Software, the same development studio that created the original Doom back in 1994 and is also working on a mobile version of Quake.

Doom RPG will avoid the first-person perspective in favour of a turn-based role-playing adventure that rewards tactical thinking above anything else.

Set in a secretive research facility on Mars, you’ve been tasked with investigating and solving a mysterious demonic invasion. An intuitive one-handed control system is promised, along with all the classic weapons that have made Doom such a big hit with PC and console games.

“With the blockbuster success of Doom 3 for the PC and Xbox, as well as the anticipation for the upcoming movie, we have been eager to create a Doom game that is designed and tailored specifically for today’s mobile phones” said Todd Hollenshead, CEO at id Software.