Disney Crossy Road - Every classic, rare, epic, and mystery character from Inside Out

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Disney Crossy Road - Every classic, rare, epic, and mystery character from Inside Out
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Note: This article is now out of date. Check out our list of all the secret and mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road for a full list of unlockable heroes.

Disney Crossy Road is more than just corporate brand synergy. It's filled with references, homages, and nods to favourite Disney films and rides.

Take the Inside Out level that's set inside Riley's mind. Not only do you have to dodge obstacles and thought trains, but you can improve your score by picking up and stashing memories.

And you can unlock everyone from Sadness to Bing Bong to use as a playable character. And we'll explain what they do, below.

Also, we'll tell you how to unlock Inside Out's hidden characters.

Disney Joy (Classic)

Joy's memories are happy and yellow. 

Disney Sadness (Classic)

Sadness crawls along on her tummy and collects blue memories.

Disney Anger (Rare)

Anger collects red memories and bumping into objects makes him angry.

Disney Fear (Rare)

Fear collects purple memories. 

Disney Disgust (Rare)

Disgust collects green memories.

Disney Bing Bong (Epic)

Cries candy when blocked.

Disney Imaginary Boyfriend (Epic)

A queue of imaginary boyfriends is made with every leap forward.

Disney Brain Worker (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Dave (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Paula (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Bobby (Hidden) How to unlock: Complete the "Brain Maintenance" set to get this character. This likely includes Dave, Paula, Brain Worker, Fritz and Bing Bong. But it could involve others, including those from other Disney franchises. Disney Fritz (Hidden) How to unlock: Complete the "Feeling Emotional" set, which consists of ?Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Bing Bong Abstract Bing Bong (Hidden)

While playing as Bing Bong, hop along until you see a weird grey and red door. Try to open it and you'll be squished shut - and will unlock Abstract Bing Bong at the end of your run.

Sadness Abstract Sadness (Hidden)

Once you have Abstract Bing Bong, you need to play as that character, reach Abstract Sadness in the world, and and then die.

Joy Abstract Joy (Hidden)

Again, play as Abstract Bing Bong and find Joy standing on the path. Go up to her and she'll transform into Abstract Joy. You will then unlock this character when you next die.

Jangles Jangles (Hidden)

Collect six daily mission stamps to unlock Jangles.

Frank Frank (Hidden)

Play as Dave and find Bing Bong. Dave will be arrested, but you will get Frank for your troubles.

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