How to unlock EVERY secret and mystery character in Disney Crossy Road

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How to unlock EVERY secret and mystery character in Disney Crossy Road

Updated with all of the latest figures from Lilo and Stitch, Cars and more

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Updated Jan 13th 2021, original post Nov 8 2018: Text tweaks and link repair.

Disney Crossy Road is jam-packed with characters.

There's Hiro from Big Hero 6 and Pascal from Tangled, all the emotions from Inside Out and all the toys from Toy Story, and even a grub from The Lion King.

But it also has mystery characters - secret figurines that you have to do something special to unlock. You can't get them from the prize machine or buy them with real cash - you need to meet certain criteria.

In this guide, we'll tell you how to get every single one.

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Secret criteria, page 1

Special Criteria Ghost Gramma Tala (Moana) Ghost Gramma

Play as Gramma Tala and die 25 times to unlock this ghostly apparition.

Flower Mane Simba (Lion King) Flower Mane

Play as Simba and find the line of Zebras in the stage. After you hop on through, you'll get this character at the end of that run.

Bagpipe Player (Haunted Mansion) Bagpipe

Score over 150 points as Horn Player

Harp Player (Haunted Mansion) Harp

Now, score over 150 points as Bagpipe Player

Drummer (Haunted Mansion) Drummer

Secret criteria, page 2

Sim Kid (Monsters Inc.) Sim Kid

Play as a monster, and find the Sim Kid laying in his bed to scare him. Do it 10 times to unlock this character.

The Orator (Haunted Mansion) Orator

Play as Sally Slater (also from Haunted Mansion) and get a score of 100 to unlock The Orator.

Lantern (Tangled) Lantern

Play as any character from the Haunted Mansion set and light up 30 candles to unlock the Lantern. This can be done of the course of multiple runs.

Butch (Mickey & Friends)


Hop 100 times with Pete from Mickey and Friends to get this dog.

Golden Harp (Mickey & Friends) Golden Harp

Get a score of 100 with Willie the Giant to get the Golden Harp. 

Secret criteria, page 3

Ezra Beane (Haunted Mansion) Ezra

Play as Phineas Plump and get an armour to chase you - then hop away to stay alive. Do this 25 times, across multiple runs, to grab Ezra Beane.

Horn Player (Haunted Mansion) Horn Player

This hidden character can be unlocked by playing as Hookhand in the Tangled theme, and playing the piano (the brown instrument that shows up on the track) 10 times. This can be done across multiple goes.

Mufasa (The Lion King) Mufasa

To get Mufasa you need to play as Simba and spend 12 seconds near stampedes.

What this means is you should stand behind the rock when the stampeding animals come through, then quickly switch to the other side of the rock for when they come from the other direction. If you manage this you'll unlock the character.

Adult Nala (The Lion King) Nala

You'll need to play as a Jungle Book character to get Adult Nala. Just get struck by lighting twice during a run and you'll grab this lion for your roster.

Scar (The Lion King) Scar

Play as Mufasa from the Lion King set and get trampled by a herd of wildebeest to unlock this mean ol' lion.

Secret criteria, page 4

Abstract Bing Bong (Inside Out) Bing Bong

While playing as Bing Bong (and you've made sure you've updated Disney Crossy Road to the latest version), hop along until you see a weird grey and red door. Try to open it and you'll be squished shut - and will unlock Abstract Bing Bong at the end of your run.

Abstract Sadness (Inside Out) Sadness

Once you have Abstract Bing Bong, all you need to do is play as that character and then die to unlock Abstract Sadness. Easy!

Abstract Joy (Inside Out) Joy

Again, play as Abstract Bing Bong and find Joy standing on the path. Go up to her and she'll transform into Abstract Joy. You will then unlock this character when you next die.

Frank (Inside Out) Frank

Play as Dave and hop through the Inside Out level until you come across Bing Bong. Bash into him and you'll unlock Dave when you next die.

Gloyd Orangeboar (Wreck-It Ralph) Gloyd

To get Gloyd you need to play as Rancis Fluggerbutter and then score over 1500 in one run. That sounds intimidating, but remember that picking up candy will multiply your score greatly in no time.

Secret criteria, page 5

Snowanna (Hidden) Snowanna

Play as Taffity Muttonfudge and get a score of at least 1,500.

Crumbelina (Hidden) Crumbelina

Play as Candlehead and get a score of at least 1,500 points.

Classic Baloo (The Jungle Book) Classic Baloo

To get this hidden character you first need to buy or win Baloo. Then, find the fruit trees and stand next to them for a second - Baloo will reach up and eat from the tree. Do this ten times to unlock this retro character.

Vegetable Soldier (Alice Through the Looking Glass) Vegetable Soldier

To get this character you must play as the Green Army Man from the Toy Story universe, and then play until you see a magnifying glass shining a beam of light down. Step into the light and allow yourself to be melted to unlock this veggie warrior.

Wrangled (Zootropolis) Wrangled

To get this horsey version of Rapunzel, first play as Rapunzel in the Tangled set and then let her get trampled by five different horses, across five runs. On the last one you'll get this character.

Secret criteria, page 6

Wreck-It Rhino (Zootropolis) Rhino

Another animal version of a Disney hero. To get this guy you need to play as Wreck-It Ralph and smash 50 objects. You do this by collecting a cherry, and then bashing into objects to make them shatter. Once you wreck 50 (over the course of multiple runs) you'll unlock this guy.

Fred's Dad (Big Hero 6) Dad

Play as Fred from the Big Hero 6 set and then jump at least 250 steps in one run to unlock Fred's pop.

Yama (Big Hero 6) Yama

Play as Hiro Hamada of Big Hero 6 and jump 50 times in 15 seconds to unlock Yama. This one is quite tricky, but seems like it can be done across runs so just keep tapping as fast as possible until you get it.

Stray Cat (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Stray Cat

Play as Jack Sparrow and jump through the ship until you come upon a treasure chest (you should hear a cat's meow). Open the chest to unlock Stray Cat.

Jubileena (Wreck-it Ralph)

Jub Unlock Gloyd Orangeboar and then get a score of 1500 points in 35 seconds or less to unlock Jubileena.

Secret criteria, page 7

Adorabeezle Winterpop (Wreck-it Ralph) Ador

Unlock Crumbelina and get a score of 1,500 points in 35 seconds or less to unlock Adorabeezle Winterpop.

Golden Scarab Beetle (Aladdin) Golden

The Golden Scarab Beetle requires Jafar and Gazeem. You need to find one half of the golden scarab beetle as each character. When you've got both, the beetle is unlocked.

Detective Casey (Mickey & Friends) Detective Casey

Get run over by a police car five times as Chief O'Hara from Zootopia to add Detective Casey to your roster. Remember: to unlock Chief O'Hara you need to make 50 criminals surrender while playing as Chief Bogo.

Priscilla (Zootopia) Priscilla

Priscilla is fun to unlock. You need to play as Flash and then move through the level reeeeaalllly sloooowlly. You've got to hop 30 tiles in no more than 30 seconds. Just take your time with each hop, but don't stand in the middle of the road!

Magic Lamp (Aladdin) Magic Lamp

Unlock or buy The Genie, and then zap 25 objects. When you die, the Magic Lamp will be added to your roster.

Secret criteria, page 8

The Business Lemming (Zootopia) Lemming Biz

Play as Nick Wilde and find a popsicle in the ice. You'll now have access to the Business Lemming on your next game.

General Li (Mulan)

Hop 100 times with Captain Li Shang

Chicken (Mulan)

Play as Little Brother and run through the chicken pen

The Underminer (The Incredibles)

Play as Mr Incredible and find The Underminer’s drill

Helen Parr (The Incredibles)

Play as Mrs. Incredible and find Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

Secret criteria, page 9

War Hero Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Play as Gaston and score over 250

Bullfrog (Lilo and Stitch)

Get hit by a car 10 times as Space Suit Stitch

Rescue Lady (Lilo and Stitch)

Play as Lilo and find five dogs

Ghost Shark (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Get caught by Ghost Sharks 10 times

Undersea Gal (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Throw Sally into green water 25 times

Secret criteria, page 10

Rusty (Cars)

Complete a lap in less than 20 seconds as Lightning McQueen

Dusty (Cars)

Complete 3 laps in a race as Rusty

Florida 500 Ramone (Cars)

As Ramone, die on exactly 99 hops

Cars 3 Ramone (Cars)

As Florida 500 Ramone, die from pursuing cars 10 times

Finding characters

Find characters Cass

A number of characters can be found in the game. You just have to hop up to them, and then finish your run, to unlock that character. Here's a list.

Find... While playing as...
Bloat (Finding Dory) Nemo
Gurgle (Finding Dory) Nemo
Deb (Finding Dory) Nemo
Bubbles (Finding Dory) Nemo
Gil (Finding Dory) Nemo
Mortimer (Mickey & Friends) Mickey Mouse
Mint in Box Prospector (Toy Story) Jessie
Mrs. Nesbit (Toy Story) Woody
Robert Callaghan (Big Hero 6) Alistair Krei
Prison Dog (Pirates of the Caribbean) Pintel
Tiny (Pirates of the Caribbean) Any Pirates Character
Big Baby (Toy Story) Buzz Lightyear
Brazillian Helicopter Pilot (Inside Out) Sadness
Cass (Big Hero 6) Hiro Hamada
Garbage Cube (Monsters Inc) Sulley
Healthcliff (Big Hero 6) Fred Supersuit
Clock Cleaner Goofy (Mickey & Friends) Goofy
Queen (Tangled) Emperor Zurg
Abigail Callaghan (Big Hero 6) Hiro Super Suit
Easter Bunny (Nightmare before Christmas) Shock
Jewel Finkelstein (Nightmare before Christmas) Dr. Finkelstein
Mrs. Hopps (Zootopia) Judy Hopps
Mr. Hopps (Zootopia) Mrs. Hopps
Maui's Fishhook (Moana) Toddler Moana
Wedding Tuxedo Felix (Wreck-it Ralph) Wedding Dress Calhoun
Faclcon Rider Mushu (Mulan) Mushu
Prisoner Jumba (Lilo and Stitch) Grand Councilwoman
Mosquito (Lilo and Stitch) Pleakley
Ghost Seagull (Pirates of the Caribbean) Any
Mummy Boy (Nightmare Before Christmas) The Mayor
Charlie (Finding Dory) Baby Dory
Jenny (Finding Dory) Baby Dory


Collecting cakes, apples, bones, bananas and more


When playing as certain characters, you'll notice that there are small objects littered on the track that disappear when you run into them.

These often are linked to mystery characters: if you collect 50 of the objects (not necessarily in one run - you can pick them up over the course of many attempts) you'll unlock a special character. Such as...

  • Warthog (Tangled) - 50 cakes while playing as Attilla.
  • Captain of the Guard (Tangled) - collect 50 apples while playing as Maximus.
  • Jessie (Toy Story) - collect 50 cherries while playing as Bullseye.
  • Fifi (Mickey and Friends) - collect 50 bones while playing as Pluto.
  • Classic King Louie (The Jungle Book) - collect 50 bananas while playing as King Louie.
  • Wilkins (Alice Through the Looking Glass) - collect 50 Roman numerals while playing as Time.
  • Pig Hero 6 (Zootopia) - collect 50 batteries while playing as Baymax.
  • Candy Corn (Wreck-It Ralph) - collect 50 cherries while playing as Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Chief O'Hara (Mickey & Friends) - make 50 criminals surrender when playing as Chief Bogo from Zootopia.
  • Blue Beetle (The Lion King) - collect 50 grubs while playing as Pumba.
  • Christmas Elf (Nightmare before Christmas) - collect 30 presents while playing as Santa.
  • Rhino (The Lion King) - collect 20 fish food while playing as Bailey from Finding Dory.
  • Chicken Feed (Moana) - collect 25 piles of chicken feed while playing as Heihei.
  • Lucius Best (The Incredibles) - Play as Frozone and collect 25 cups of water
  • Winter Coast Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - Play as Belle and collect 50 books

Character sets

Unlocking character sets


Many mystery characters are only unlocked if you have previously unlocked a bunch of characters in a specific set.

The tricky thing is that it's really hard for anyone to know exactly which characters do and don't belong in each set, but we've listed what we known, below.

Character Set Name Figures Needed
Don (Wreck-It Ralph) Short and Stout Unknown
Deanna (Wreck-It Ralph) Citizens of Niceland Ralph
Rancis Fluggerbutter (Wreck-It Ralph) Citizens of Sugar Rush Vanellope
King Candy
Taffyta Muttonfudge
Fritz (Inside Out) Feeling Emotional Joy
Bobby (Inside Out) Brain Maintenance Unknown
Fred (Big Hero 6) Best Friends Hiro Hamada
Go Go Tomago
Honey Lemon
Fred Super Suit (Big Hero 6) Suited Up Hiro Super Suit
Go Go Super Suit
Wasabi Super Suit
Honey Lemon Super Suit
Alistair Krei (Big Hero 6) Top Dogs Unknown
Rapunzel Braided (Tangled) Tangled Heroes Rapunzel
Flynn Rider
Mother Gothel (Tangled) Feels Good To Be Bad Unknown
The King (Tangled) Honorable Men Unknown
Hippo (The Lion King) Humble Beginnings Simba
Giraffe (The Lion King) Big and Tall Unknown
Gus (Haunted Mansion) Spooky Spirits Prof. Phineas Plum
Madame Leota
The Cat Lady (Haunted Mansion) Leading Ladies Unknown
Lenny (Toy Story) Toy Story 1 Woody
Buzz Lightyear
Bo Peep
The Prospector (Toy Story) Toy Story 2 Jessie
Emperor Zurg
Chip (Mickey & Friends) Crazy Critters Unknown
Dale (Mickey & Friends) Fabulous 5 Mickey
Polka Dot Minnie
Donald, Goofy
Elephant Finnick (Zootopia) Masters of Disguise Unknown
Gideon (Zootopia) Top of the Food Chain Unknown
Elephant (Jungle Book) Welcome to the Jungle Unknown
Bandar-Log Monkey (Jungle Book) Wild Animals Crocodile
Flying Squirrel
Humpty Dumpty (Alice) Wonderland Heroes Unknown
Vegetable Servant (Alice) Born to Serve Unknown
Jaques (Findy Dory) The Sydney Crew Bloat
Otter (Findy Dory) The Oxygen Lovers Nemo
Pintel (Pirates of the Caribbean) Heroes of the Caribbean Unknown
Ragetti (Pirates of the Caribbean) Cursed at Sea Unknown
Tony (Monsters Inc) Man at Work Unknown
Spike (Monsters Inc) Rough Around the Edges Chief Bogo
Hook Hand
Mr. Waternoose
Phlegm (Monsters Inc) Monsters Inc Heroes Sulley
Pink Flamingo (Aladdin) Agrabah Royalty Unknown
Begga Jaffar (Aladdin) Cave of Wonders Aladdin
Magic Carpet
The Genie
Devil (Nightmare before Christmas) Heroes of Halloween Town Unknown
Harlequin Demon (Nightmare before Christmas) This is Halloween Unknown
Frog Monster (Moana) Heroes of Mota Nui Unknown
Sloth Monster (Moana) Island Life Unknown
Training Dummy (Mulan) I'll Make a Man Out of You Ping
The Matchmaker (Mulan) Honor to Us All Cri-Kee
Fa Li
Fa Zhou
Little Girl Doll (Mulan) Big Trouble In Little China Unknown
Bob Parr (The Incredibles) All In The Family Unknown
Incrediboy (The Incredibles) Sidekicks and Superfriends Unknown
Rusty McAllister (The Incredibles) Nothing To See Here Lucis Best
Helen Parr
Bob Parr
Garderobe (Beauty and the Beast) Dressed for Success Unknown
The Rose (Beauty and the Beast) Cursed Lumiere
Mrs. Potts
Ice Cream Man (Lilo and Stitch) Paradise in Hawaii Unknown
Space Suit Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) Space Invaders Stitch
Grand Councilwoman
Captain Gantu
Murtogg (Pirates of the Caribbean) An Outfit for Every Occasion Unknown
Primer Lightning McQueen (Cars) Fast As Lightning Unknown
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