Disney Crossy Road - Why did the mouse, the princess, and the toy cowboy cross the road?

At first glance, Disney Crossy Road is exactly what you'd expect.

You're bouncing Mickey Mouse through lanes of traffics with taps and swipes. And it's fine, it's Crossy Road, with a slight Disney twist.

But then you start unlocking different characters, and you find there are different mechanics spread out across the game.

Sadness from Inside Out slides around on her face and can collect memories for extra points, for example.

And so that push to unlock more isn't just about new backgrounds and bragging rights, it's about finding the different ideas that Hipster Whale has laced throughout this crossy-over.

But it's mainly just Crossy Road, right?

Well, I mean you're still following the same basic formula as the original. You're running diagonally across the screen trying to avoid all manner of obstacles.

You tap to jump forwards, and you can swipe to shift where you are in the level. There are coins to collect, but ostensibly you're just chasing a high score.

That Crossy Road compulsion loop is still in fine fettle though. You always feel a little disappointed when you die, as though you've somehow managed to let Mickey and his friends down.

The game feeds you new characters pretty steadily to begin with, and you'll soon start to notice little differences between the way they play.

It's not just a new avatar and a change in background, there are different types of hazards and slightly shifted mechanics to play with too.

And there are a lot of different characters, grouped into different franchises.

So far I've got Woody from Toy Story, Rapunzle from Tangled, someone from Zootropolis, and Sadness, to name just a few.

Well, it sounds pretty good

It is pretty good. I'll be honest, when I've finished writing this review I'm probably going to jump back in and try and grab some new characters.

That compulsion noose that made Crossy Road so addictive is here in force, and if anything the desire to find more iconic additions to your roster is likely to push you even harder to get those coins and high scores.

Disney Crossy Road may not have the manic excitement of Pac-Man 256, but it's still an awful lot of fun.

And those Disney licenses are only going to make it an even more enticing prospect for potential players.

Disney Crossy Road - Why did the mouse, the princess, and the toy cowboy cross the road?

It's Crossy Road with a couple of extra layers of Disney charm and polish, and it's as good as that sounds
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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