Disney Crossy Road - Every classic, rare, epic, and mystery character from Haunted Mansion

Spooky stuff (Updated April 28th)

Disney Crossy Road - Every classic, rare, epic, and mystery character from Haunted Mansion
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Note: This article is now out of date. Check out our list of all the secret and mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road for a full list of unlockable heroes.

Disney Crossy Road is more than just corporate brand synergy. It's filled with references, homages, and nods to favourite Disney films and rides.

Take the Haunted Mansion level that's set in, well, the Haunted Mansion ride. Complete with ghosts, suits of armour that try to murder you, and other family friendly hijinx.

And you can unlock everyone from the butler to a spider to use as a playable character. And we'll explain what they do, below.

Also, we'll tell you how to unlock The Haunted Mansion's hidden characters.

Disney Prof. Phineas Plump (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Madame Leota (Epic)

Some of the vehicles are replaced with musical instruments like a harp and trumpet.

Disney Gargoyle (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Armor (Epic)

While playing as Armor, other suits of armour won't attack you.

Disney Executioner (Rare)

Swings an axe around.

Disney Butler (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Maid (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Caretaker & Dog (Classic)

The caretaker's lantern casts light beneath your footsteps.

Disney Spider (Rare)

Spiders hang down.

Disney Sally Slater (Rare)

Crocodiles line the roadside.

Disney The Cat Lady (Hidden)

Complete the "Leading Ladies" set to get this character. This likely includes Judy Hopps, Rapunzel, Joy. But it could involve others, including those from other Disney franchises.

Disney Gus (Hidden)

Complete the "Spooky Spirits" set, which consists of Prof. Phineas Plum, Madame Leota, and Executioner..

Ezra Ezra Beane (Hidden)

Play as Phineas Plump and get an armour to chase you - then hop away to stay alive. Do this 25 times, across multiple runs, to grab Ezra Beane.

Horn Player Horn Player (Hidden)

This hidden character can be unlocked by playing as Hookhand in the Tangled theme, and playing the piano (the brown instrument that shows up on the track) 10 times. This can be done across multiple goes.