Disney Crossy Road - Every classic, rare, epic, and mystery character from Big Hero 6

I can't remember what happened in this film (Updated July 4th)

Disney Crossy Road - Every classic, rare, epic, and mystery character from Big Hero 6
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Note: This article is now out of date. Check out our list of all the secret and mystery characters in Disney Crossy Road for a full list of unlockable heroes.

Disney Crossy Road is more than just corporate brand synergy. It's filled with references, homages, and nods to favourite Disney films and rides.

Take the Big Hero 6 level that's set in Neo San Francisco. You'll be dodging trams, falling down grates, and listening to a rad chiptune soundtrack.

And you can unlock everyone from Hiro to Baymax to use as a playable character. And we'll explain what they do, below.

Also, we'll tell you how to unlock Big Hero 6's hidden characters.

Disney Hiro Hamada (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Hiro Super Suit (Epic)

Certain objects will explode when Hiro gets near them, and a spaceship soars overhead.

Disney Baymax (Rare)

Baymax will randomly deflate until he's tiny. Collect batteries to increase his size.

Disney Go Go Tomago (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Go Go Super Suit (Rare)

A fiery streak appears behind Go Go, and spaceships soar overhead.

Disney Wasabai (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Wasabai Super Suit (Rare)

Spaceships soar overhead and Wasabi slices up obstacles.

Disney Honey Lemon (Classic)

No special effect.

Disney Honey Lemon Super Suit (Epic)

Explosions and rainbows appear everywhere

Disney Fred (Hidden)

Complete the "Best Friends" set, which consists of Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon.

Disney Fred Super Suit (Hidden)

Complete the "Super Suit" set, which consists of Hiro Super Suit, Go Go Super Suit, Wasabi Super Suit, and Honey Lemon Super Suit.

Disney Alistair Krei (Hidden)

Complete the "Top Dogs" set to get this character. This likely includes The King from Tangled. But it could involve others, including those from other Disney franchises.
Freds Dad

Fred's Dad (Hidden)

Play as Fred and score 250 points in a single run.

Yokai Yokai (Hidden)

Collect six daily mission stamps.

Tadashi Tadashi (Hidden)

Collect six daily mission stamps.

Yama Yama (Hidden)

Play as Hiro Hamada and hop 50 times within 15 seconds.

Robert Callaghan Robert Callaghan (Hidden)

Play as Alistair Krei and find Callaghan in the world.

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