Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo, a fun simulation game, is available for Android pre-registration

Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo, a fun simulation game, is available for Android pre-registration

upjers’ Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is an upcoming simulation game that just sounds perfect for dinosaur fans, and it’s coming to Android next month on 2nd February.

In it you get to manage a dinosaur park, allowing you to give prehistoric creatures a new beautiful home. You can place enclosures, provide attention to the creatures’ needs, and set up apparatus for them to play with. You can use the profits from opening these parks to fund new digs, further expeditions and new dinosaurs to bring into the park.

The story goes that an expedition to the South Pole resulted in the sensational discovery of completely preserved living dinosaurs, and a park for visitors to see these new spectacles has been built right next to the research station.

If you want to learn more about how the game plays and see it in motion, here’s a trailer. As you can see, the dinosaurs in this game look very adorable and this should be fun to play. I wouldn’t worry about a Jurassic Park incident happening here.

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Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the German government’s games funding program. It’s being released for Android in the United Kingdom next month, on 2nd February.

If you’re interested and location in this region, you can pre-register your interest on the Google Play for Android store and receive a package with some in-game currency when it gets released. As for other regions and a possible release on the iOS App Store, there’s currently no information on what plans are in place for that. As always, we’ll be sure to update you if new details emerge.

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