Dinkigolf is a quirky golf game coming to iOS and Android in March

Dinkigolf is a quirky golf game coming to iOS and Android in March
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For fans of quirky sports games, A To Play is launching Dinkigolf for iOS and Android devices next month on 3rd March.

Dinkigolf is a casual mini-golf game where you play the titular sport in a wide array of strange locations. You will be golfing in a volcano, up a mountain, and across city rooftops. The locations are really quite varied, and while they seem to be taking on an unconventional take on the mini-golf formula, the concept of reaching the hole still remains the same.

It wouldn’t be mini-golf without a bunch of hazards and obstacles impeding your way as you try to reach the hole, and Dinkigolf is no exception to this rule. While playing, you’ll have to deal with complications like lava, stone rocks and floating islands that will make finishing the course much harder.

Here’s a trailer so you can check out the gameplay for yourself. In addition to its casual aesthetics, the game utilises a simple control scheme of using one-finger to play.

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There are two game modes in Dinkigolf. The first is Campaign, which allows a linear progression through each of the game’s 50+ levels. Here you can unlock a variety of ball styles as you progress, allowing for different skill trick shots to be pulled off.

The second mode you can play is called Endless which, as the name implies, doesn’t end and instead provides you with a high score challenge.

You will be able to download Dinkigolf from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. It will be a paid title that will allow access to all content with no adverts or in-app purchases.

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