Digital Chocolate's Facebook footprint hits 20 MAUs, plans merger with mobile

Publisher enjoys 80 million downloads on iPhone and Android

Digital Chocolate's Facebook footprint hits 20 MAUs, plans merger with mobile
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Its strength in the mobile market long established, Digital Chocolate has now proclaimed itself one of the world's top social games publishers on Facebook.

It's an accolade based on the fact that the publisher's monthly active user total has now surpassed 20 million.

Indeed, figures obtained by AppData suggest Digital Chocolate's userbase on Facebook has almost doubled two months on from the 12 million monthly users its titles were tapping up in September.

Social experiment

"Our growth across the world's most exciting platforms separates us from the crowd," said company president Marc Metis.

"We are unique in combining social gaming expertise, leadership on both Facebook and mobile, a global approach, technology leverage, and scale."

It's this apparent merger of its relatively fresh operations on Facebook with its line-up on smartphones that appears to be the publisher's current focus.

Citing more than 80 million downloads on iPhone and Android, Digital Chocolate is already claiming that its first attempt to link its respective line-ups in the two markets – connecting the iPhone and Android releases of MMA Pro Fighter with the Facebook version – has been a success.

As such, one of its biggest Facebook releases – Millionaire City – has also just seen a release on iPhone, with an Android version expected shortly.

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