Digital Chocolate launches its first freemium iPhone game with OpenFeint support

Fantasy Warrior Legends is now live

Digital Chocolate launches its first freemium iPhone game with OpenFeint support
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Digital Chocolate has been busy recently.

Last week it released the first two of its NanoStars games on Facebook, and now it's also launched its first freemium game for iPhone and iPod touch.

Called Fantasy Warrior Legends, it's a role-playing game that has you making your way through various lands to destroy the evil Demon Lord, by fighting, grinding and levelling up through his hordes.

Being a free-to-play game, Digital Chocolate hopes to make its money back by the purchase of in-app items, which in this case are gems. They work out at 99c for 400 and are used to power up your crystal skull attack.

Play together

Despite being a single-player game, sociability is another major feature. Fantasy Warrior Legends is the fourth Digital Chocolate game to use the OpenFeint gaming network.

Its Rollercoaster Rush franchise has seen 3.5 million high scores posted on OpenFeint and 1 million achievements unlocked.

With respect to Fantasy Warrior Legends, it enables players to track their progress by unlocking achievements and posting scores on leaderboards, as well as joining live forums and chatting with other OpenFeint players to share tips and tricks.

"Fantasy Warrior Legends is our first free-to-play game that will contain an in-game social platform, and with OpenFeint's collaboration, we will be able to give users a sense of community," said Trip Hawkins, founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate.

"We're excited to launch Digital Chocolate's first freemium game on the OpenFeint social gaming network. With an engaged community of more than 17 million players, OpenFeint is the perfect platform to launch a social RPG game," said Jason Citron, founder and CEO of Aurora Feint.

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