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When the main selling point of the game you're reviewing is that it's the "first medical defence game for the PlayStation Vita", you know you're in for a rough ride.

Die!Die!Die! is so devoid of any real substance that on numerous occasions I found myself wishing that the deadly virus contained within it would leak out and infect the download, rendering it completely unplayable.


There's a bunch of deadly viruses coursing through the veins of a patient, and so you've been tasked with firing antibodies into his innards to wipe them all out.

This involves watching as nasties move from right to left and shooting at them as they pass by. If you allow too many viruses to reach the left-hand side of the screen, you lose.

It's a simple premise, which would be perfectly fine if it were backed up with exciting action, a bit of variety, and some clever bits and bobs to keep the experience fresh.

But from the very moment you begin playing Die!Die!Die!, you know that this game is going to offer none of these things. Through a series of 80+ near-identical levels, you aim, you charge your shots, and you fire.

Sure, some enemies are stronger, while others move faster. Some move slowly too. But this variety doesn't rescue Die!Die!Die! from being the dullest PS Vita game I've played to date.

Live it to die

There's just nothing of value to be found here. The gameplay is incredibly thin, and the various powerups that you can tap don't do anything to mix up the gameplay.

There's a Survival mode, and also hotseat multiplayer. But neither of these helps at all because a lack of modes is not the issue. The issue is that the core gameplay is just so uninteresting.

Imagine playing a tower defence game but with only one tower, which you control.

The overall quality of the game is poor, too, from the animations to the environments to the awful menu interface you're forced to navigate. And don't get me started on the music - I'm fairly certain this is what volume control was invented for.

There are so many great games available for the PS Vita. Die!Die!Die! is not one of them. Avoid it like the plague.


Do not pick up syringe. Do not download Die!Die!Die! Do forget this game ever existed
Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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