Diddy Kong Racing DS dated for April release

Rare's handheld remake pushes wi-fi multiplayer

Diddy Kong Racing DS dated for April release
| Diddy Kong Racing DS

We've already reviewed the US version, but now UK fans can slap their pre-orders down on the table with the news that the DS version of Rare's classic N64 racer has been given a release date of April 20th.

There's certainly a lot packed into Diddy Kong Racing DS. If you've got the patience to unlock everything, you'll be able to create your own tracks, customise the in-game billboards as well as record your own sound effects using the DS microphone.

But perhaps the game's most impressive technical achievement however is the six player Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection mode, which enables you to race against five other karters from anywhere in the world.

In comparison, Mario Kart DS only had the option for you and three others.

Whether Diddy Kong Racing will be able to replace Mario Kart as one of the most popular Wi-Fi Connection games remains to be seen. We think Mario Kart's handling and basic gameplay is much better.

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